22nd Anniversary Membership Policies  


Wildcat Creek Golf Course

An understanding the 22nd anniversary membership policies…

 Members, Guests and Public Players alike must check-in 15 minutes before tee time with the golf shop staff or the tee time could be forfeited until the next available tee time.  

All 22nd Year Anniversary members are required to have a tee time.

Anniversary members must tee off after 10 o’clock on Saturday and Sunday however an exception will be made if a member chooses to sign up and play in the Saturday morning choose up or TPC event.  Anniversary members who would like to play before 10 o’clock my do so at the full rate price

Our 22nd Year Anniversary Membership is a pre-paid green fee program for 2 years and applies to “open play” periods at Wildcat Creek Golf Course, so it will not entitle these members to play in scrambles, club outings, leagues, member events, club tournaments, association events or on Holidays without paying the additional associated green fees and league fees.

This new membership group will be allowed to make tee-time reservations three (3) days in advance.

While carts are not required anyone that chooses to walk must do so after 2pm.

All Anniversary members must show their driver’s license or any valid ID with their membership card when checking in. If anyone uses your membership card other than yourself, your membership will be terminated immediately with no refund.

This Anniversary Membership is valid thru December 31st, 2021.

As new members of Wildcat Creek Golf Course, Anniversary members should also be responsible for the tee time scheduling, so missed tee times will not be tolerated. The first offense will be a polite oral notification from a staff member. The second violation will result in an issued written warning ticket. On your third violation you will pay a minimal $20 failure to cancel fee.

 This applies to all members of Wildcat Creek Golf Course. Wildcat Creek Golf Course will be solely responsible for distribution of all food and alcoholic beverages at the facility and therefore, as Members, you will agree that you and your guests will not bring food or alcoholic beverages onto the property that were not purchased at Wildcat Creek Golf Course.