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Tournaments Players Club (TPC) – Public & Members


We want every person to sign up, play and enjoy at least one of these events!  If you are not a experienced golfer and are unsure about participating, just let the pro shop know.  We will help find the right event for you!!


Sign up deadline– May 7

Description: Wildcat Creek Golf Course invites golfers of all levels of ability and age to join the Tournament Players Club or TPC.  Anyone can join, you do not have to be a member of the course!  Regardless of handicap or skill level, participants get to compete in both team and individual events.  It’s also a great opportunity to meet other golfers!

Cost: The cost for the Wildcat TPC is just $75 or $20 per tournament. If you join prior to the first tournament it includes a UA Golf shirt, prizes for the year and your Bluegolf Handicap membership. However you must register by May 5th and pay by the start of the first tournament. You earn 10 points for each tournament played plus points based on finish. All payouts will be awarded in Proshop Merchandise Credit. Except the Shootout which is a cash payout and the Champion wins $1,000!! 


**All events will be 80% of handicap. TPC is point based so anybody can win!!.  Player receives points by participation and event place.  Player can also get participation points from playing in the weekend choose up game.  This allows anyone to get in the final event and have a chance at being the TPC player of the year!!!


How: Sign up by calling the pro shop or coming into the proshop or fill out form online below.




TPC- Point System


    • Point Earnings
      • Entry for all events other than Match play 10 points
      • 1st  – 15 points  
      • 2nd – 13 points
      • 3rd  – 11 points
      • 4th  – 9points
      • 5th  – 7 points
      • 6th – 6 points
      • 7th – 5 points
      • 8th – 4 points
      • 9th – 3 points
      • 10th – 2 points

 ** More points may be awarded based on committee discretion


Wildcat Creek Golf Committee


The purpose of the Wildcat Creek Golf Committee is to organize, promote and foster both competitive and non-competitive golf events among the golfing public.  This will help assure Wildcat Creek’s Golf Facilities in prospering golf participation.

The committee helps create, monitor, organize and overlook all member and non-member golf events. As well as supervise the accuracy of USGA handicaps and Rules among all golfers.  The committee also finds volunteers to assist with the events.

2021 Committee Members

Chairman: Mike Roth

Members: Chuck Graves

Josh Maggard

Nick Hobbs

Brad Willis