2020 Wildcat TPC & Leagues Information

2020 Wildcat Creek Golf Events

We want every person to sign up, play, and enjoy at least one of these events! If you are not an experienced golfer and are unsure about participating just let the pro shop know. We will help find the right event for you!

Click on any of the events below to view more information and sign up.

TPC Events!

***Tournaments and Year-long match play 

Tournament Players Club (TPC) – Public and Members!  

TPC Match Play    Sold Out 2020

       TPC Event Results

Check Out These Other Weekly Events!

***Anyone can participate!!!  These events are separate of the TPC and TPC players will have to sign up for these events. 

Weekend choose up

Ladies League- Wednesday morning 

Friday Night Couples   

        Friday Night Couples Results

Wildcat Creek Golf Committee

The purpose of the Wildcat Creek Golf Committee is to organize, promote and foster both competitive and non-competitive golf events among the golfing public.  This will help assure Wildcat Creek’s Golf Facilities in prospering golf participation.

The committee helps create, monitor, organize and overlook all member and non-member golf events. As well as supervise the accuracy of USGA handicaps and Rules among all golfers.  The committee also finds volunteers to assist with the events.


2020 Committee Members 

Chairman:  Mike Roth

Members:   Chuck Graves

Josh Maggard

Randy Lindgren

Sean Verlee


Oct 3rd & 4th tournament Ryder Cat Cup ***

*This is the year end Major event- similar to Ryder cup-there will be a dinner and presentation